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Ihenga came inland to explore the area. His dog Potakatawhiti disappeared for some time and on return, vomited up whitebait. Ihenga then realised he was near water. He landed on the shores of the lake which, because of the size of the particular bay, he was deceived into thinking the lake was small. He called it Lake Rotoiti, or Te Roto-Whaiti-i-kite-ai-a-Ihenga-i-Ariki-ai-a Kahumatamomoe

Lake Rotoiti is a relatively large lake and a popular location for boating and fishing. It is linked to Lake Rotorua via the Ohau Channel. This means that the quality of the water in Lake Rotorua has a significant effect on Lake Rotoiti. Much of the work being done to improve Lake Rotorua is also aimed at improving water quality in Lake Rotoiti.


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