About me

Having bought my first DSLR in October 2008 when my son was just two for taking more ‘creative shots’ of my family, it wasn’t until early 2013 that I ventured outside to take some dedicated photos of the stunning sunset at my parents home in Motueka.

After that a fuse was lit and I started taking more landscape photos and seeing the world differently and began seeking out great light and environments to capture.

I also saw photography as a great companion skill set and service to offer my clients as part of my own web design business. But photography is becoming a bigger part of my overall business and I have been working with local tourism businesses in Rotorua and have sold licenses to companies around the world and even have a photo of mine printed as a 40m wide mural on a rooftop garden in Shenzhen, China.

I’m available for any commercial photography, real estate or sports team photos. You can even request a no-obligation landscape photoshoot from your favourite part of Rotorua.

Photo by Mack Photography NZ