All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST and postage within New Zealand.
International shipping available on request.
Pixelpaint is the company I use for my canvas prints.

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Comes with an unconditional 10 year guarantee on the quality and longevity.

210 x 297mm (12.0″ x 8.0″) A4$109.00
297 x 420mm (16.5″ x 12.0″) A3$149.00
420 x 594mm (23.5″ x 16.5″) A2$189.00
594 x 841mm (33.0″ x 23.5″) A1$319.00
841mm x 1189mm (47.0″ x 33.0″) A0$479.00
300mm x 300mm (11.81″ x 11.81″) Square$119.00
400mm x 400mm (15.75″ x 15.75″) Square$144.00
600mm x 600mm (23.62″ x 23.62″) Square$214.00
300mm x 1000mm (11.81″ x 39.37″) Small Pano$289.00
500mm x 1500mm (19.69″ x 59.06″) Large Pano$479.00

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)

Aluminium Composite is a relatively lightweight, yet very rigid material, consisting of a polyethylene core and aluminium cover sheets.
It has a great colour reproduction and the finished product is extremely durable and can be flush mounted or on ‘spacers’ making it appear to ‘float’ off the wall.

297 x 420mm (16.5″ x 12.0″) A3$139.00
420 x 594mm (23.5″ x 16.5″) A2$169.00
594 x 841mm (33.0″ x 23.5″) A1$199.00
841mm x 1189mm (47.0″ x 33.0″) A0$249.00
1200mm x 1200mm Square (47.24″ x 47.24″)$349.00
1800mm x 1200mm Large (70.86″ x 47.24″)$449.00

Fine Art Print

8×12″ (A4)$59.00
12×18″ (A3)$79.00
16×24″ (A2)$99.00
24×33″ (A1)$129.00

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Any of my photos can be licensed for business use. Please contact me to discuss licensing options.